Sample Plans

The following show a few sample plans for various residential building types. Every project is different, but these may serve to give some ideas or sense of project direction.


In Law Suite Plans

Please see the Blog section of this website for more useful information regarding in law suite design and planning.

Sample #1 - In Law Suite Addition to 2 Story House

2 story floor plan Typical 2 story main floor plan: before
in law suite plan remodeling design Typical 2 story main floor plan: after

Sample #2 - In Law Suite Addition to Rambler

Rambler floor plan by residential architect Typical Rambler Floor Plan: Before
rambler floor plan with suite addition Typical Rambler Floor Plan: After

Sample #3 - Large In Law Suite Addition

floor plan-before Floor Plan: Before
in law suite floor plan showing remodeling design Floor Plan: After

Single Story Additions

Sample #1

Sample #2

addition floor plans Concept Floor Plans
3D sketches single story addition by architect Concept Sketches

2 Story Additions

Sample #1

Addition to cape cod style home by home remodeling architect Concept Design

Sample #2

takoma park addition plans by architect Concept Design